Ginnie Cream – Total Care 真羡全效冰晶 지니 크림


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Ginnie 的獨有按摩手法只配合Ginn FairyCare調理產品,其中草藥的有效成分把毒素帶走並進行毛囊消炎, 切勿使用或混合不是Ginn的產品, 否則會出現反效果 !

Ginnie Cream-Total Care 真羨全效冰晶 지니 크림 30g RM188 /  HKD388

水漾凝膠質地,塗抹間形成滋潤水嫩狀態,有效修復乾燥脆弱肌膚,尤其鬆弛乾紋皺紋額頭、眼部及唇部周圍之肌膚, 清爽透氣不粘膩,賦予肌膚輕盈豐潤的清涼舒適感。



使用塗抹小頭在眼瞼和眼袋區域,甚至在鼻子或額頭周圍的細紋區域畫上滾動刺激活化皮層至微紅狀態,以使復合營養素在一夜之間獲得最佳吸收並保持充分保濕在整個恢復性睡眠週期中。早晚用海綿洗刷位置確保老角層退走。也可以在皮膚上塗一層薄薄的Ginnie Cream Total Care,以在白天保護皮膚並舒緩肌膚。

注意: 如有損傷或底層太乾弱, 極度過敏等肌膚, 初期使用此只產品或會感到刺痛不適, 持續使用不要配合任何按摩或洗擦動作, 連續早晚厚敷一至兩星期, 好讓皮膚回復正常後方可配合按摩.

Proprietary formula with all Chinese herbal ingredients, combined with natural essence water. Effective treatment for reducing fine line, eye wrinkles and prevention of face and body skin sensitive on spot area. Effective repair for skin that has been irritated by over-exposure to sun.

For nightly use as a sleeping eye mask treatment to keep the eyes skin rejuvenated and activating inner epidermal cells for optimal metabolism with enhancing holistic skin beauty.

After thorough face cleansing, apply the Ginnie cream and use the application tip to roll and message on eye lids and eye bags area, or even the fine lines area around mouth nose or forehead for optimal overnight absorption of the compound nutrients and staying well-moisturised throughout your entire restorative sleep cycle. Wash your face with sponge in the morning and night.
You may also apply a thin layer of Ginnie cream for day care for the skin protection and soothing at daytime.